C-Suite Advisory Board

Expert insights combine from across the industry to create a best-in-class customer experience and industry-leading product.

Power of Expertise

MightyID is dedicated to leading the industry in creating more resilient identity systems, allowing enterprises to keep business running consistently and securely. That's why expert insights are so important to our innovation strategy.
Market Insight and Intelligence
Our elite advisory board lean on their experiences to help us understand the market - where it's going, and what it needs most.
Customer-First Approach
Representing diverse backgrounds, our advisory board members help us understand the varying needs of enterprises across industries.
Strategic Operational Guidance
Our advisory board actively participates with our executive team, providing insight and guidance on issues such as strategy, talent acquisition, and more.

Meet the MightyID Advisory Board

Stuart McClure

CEO, Qwiet AI

With over 35 years of experience in cybersecurity and technology, Stuart McClure is a global leader in his field. His experience includes the founding of Cylance in 2012, helping to establish EY's cybersecurity practice, and contribution as a founding author of Hacking Exposed, the #1 book in hacking.

Vishal (VJ) Amin

General Manager, Microsoft Security

Vishal Amin, a Presidential Scholar and dynamic leader, is a significant contributor to the cybersecurity industry, with experience spanning from private and public service. As a military service member and private citizen, he has held roles as a technical specialist and respected leader. He is a champion for diversity in the cybersecurity industry.

David Levin

CISO, American Express Global Business Travel

David is a prominent figure in the cybersecurity realm, celebrated for his influential leadership and proficiency in enhancing business security programs. With a strategic vision and proactive mindset, he has emerged as a trusted advocate in the relentless fight against cyber threats.

Troy Wilkinson

CISO, Interpublic Group (IPG)

Troy Wilkinson is the Chief Information Security Officer at Interpublic Group (IPG). His impressive career has included time served as a Law Enforcement officer, service with the U.S. State Department, and the co-founding of Tego Cyber, Inc. Today, Wilkinson frequently featured as a cybersecurity expert on major networks such as NBC, CBS, and Fox News. He is also a consultant with several VC firms.

Operating Guidelines

The MightyID C-Suite Advisory Board is carefully selected based on industry expertise.   

The C-Suite Advisory Board adheres to a set of guiding principles to create an environment conducive to idea-sharing, respect, and collaboration.

Participation and confidentiality are paramount

Insight Breeds Excellence

MightyID's C-Suite Advisory board provides strategic guidance and industry insights to inform product development and roadmap. We believe that the best products start with the smartest people in the room.