Introducing Change360: Unparalleled Cybersecurity Investigation Capabilities

MightyID's Change360 gives companies the ability to identify suspicious users in their IAM environments, and quickly revert unwanted changes.

Your IAM environment is critical to secure operations. Which is why visibility into system changes is vital to your business. 

Today’s cyberattackers are sophisticated in their subtlety.It can take an organization an average of 207 days to detect a breach. And during that time, seemingly insignificant changes may be made, keeping the door open for bad actors to stage damaging attacks.

For the first time, Change360 makes it possible to identify and undo unwanted changes to your Identity Access Management system.

MightyID understands the critical importance of safeguarding your organization against cyber threats. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest breakthrough: a groundbreaking feature that gives our customers unprecedented transparency into unwanted changes made to their IAM systems.


What's New?

Change360 – available this May to MightyID customers – gives companies the ability to investigate and remedy the work of bad actors in their critical IAM environments. Change360 enables you to delve deeper into suspicious activity, unraveling the complexities of modern threats with ease. “This new development enforces the core purpose of MightyID: to help secure organizations against cyberthreats,” says CEO, Ray Zadjmool. “We couldn’t be more pleased to offer this exciting new capability to our clients.”

The features of Change360 are designed to help locate and remediate problems that a bad actor may cause within your IAM environment.

“Change360 was created for a few reasons,” says Chris Steinke, COO. “First, it helps you identify the initial source of a breach.Second, it allows you to uncover the full scope of that bad actor’s activity.And finally, it allows you to undo their damage.”

As cyberattackers become more sophisticated, focusing their efforts on identity data and IAM systems, the MightyID team is dedicated to helping companies fight back.

“This new Change360 offering is a powerful responsive tool in the battle against bad actors,” says Stuart McClure, Board Member and CEO of Qwiet AI, “giving customers visibility into the actions of cyberattackers at a granular level - and most importantly the ability to revert the hacker's changes. The impact on companies’ security should be invaluable."


What Change360 Offers

1. Identify the Source of the Problem: Turn back the clock to identify the chain of events leading to a malicious change in your IAM environment. Find the infected “patient zero” to stop the problem at its true source.

2. Uncover the Scope of Damage: Zoom into the original bad actor and reveal the chain of events they trigger. Visually inspect every change made over the course of time – from seemingly insignificant to serious violations.

3. Roll Back the Clock: With the power of granular backup and restore, you can now activate MightyID to revert any unwanted changes and restore your system to a secure state.


Why It Matters:

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, cyberattackers have adapted, learning to inflict the most possible damage to unprotected companies. Often using social engineering to manipulate employees, these attackers focus on valuable IAM systems as a single point of failure.

The ability to swiftly and accurately investigate cyber incidents is paramount. By equipping your team with enhanced investigation capabilities, you can stay one step ahead of adversaries, mitigate risks more effectively, and protect your organization's assets and reputation.


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