Recover from IAM Errors

Partial deletions of IAM data or associations can be disruptive for your entire organization. Recover quickly with continuous backups and targeted restores.

Granular Restore

MightyID makes it possible to restore a select number of data sets, meaning faster recovery when needed.
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Continuous Backups

Easily schedule automated and continuous backups to ensure you have the latest known-good configurations at all times.

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Targeted & Granular Restores

Targeted restores that focus on fixing the error at hand. Avoid rewriting the entire database, which may lead to new errors or loss of more recent updates.

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Faster Recovery

Advanced optimization technology means less manual rework, and the ability to get back to business, faster.

What Level of Backups Does Your IdP Provide?

MightyID adds a layer of IAM resilience by supplementing the usually insufficient backups provided by Identity Providers. Download our Guide to see what you can expect from your Identity Provider.
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