MightyID Migration

The only solution that allowsyou to migrate between major IdPs to ensure a truly resilient strategy

Simplify the IdP Switch

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MightyID Migration allows porting of complex identity objects across multiple IdPs, including Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure), Okta, and Auth0.

Comprehensive identity porting capabilities provide the functionality and flexibility to implement customized, multi-cloud, multi-tenant cyber resilience and business continuity strategies.

IdP Migration Made Possible

Switching Identity Providers (IdPs) was once considered an impossible task, due to the time consuming nature and the expected disruption of business.

MightyID is the first solution to offer flexibility to switch IdP vendors.

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Reduces Vendor Lock-in

MightyID Port helps avoid vendor lock-in by simplifying the transition of IAM data to another IdP when needed. With this powerful solution in your tool box, you have the flexibility to free your customer identities for true identity portability and multi-vendor, multi-cloud strategies.

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Supports Compliance

With powerful porting capabilities, easily port IAM data to one or more separate IdPs hosting regional (e.g., US, Canada, Europe) data, enabling compliance with regional security and data requirements.

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