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Maximizing Resilience in your Identity Platform

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*Azure coming June 2023

MightyID: A Powerful IAM Resilience Tool

MightyID offers a comprehensive suite of powerful and flexible Identity and Access Management (IAM) resilience tools that effectively address the challenges of managing workforce and CIAM identities. With MightyID's solutions, safeguarding and streamlining your organization's identity infrastructure becomes seamless and efficient.

Product Features

Powerful Backup and Restore Capabilities

  • Powerful backup and restore for large IAM data sets with multiple entitlements
  • Supporting Okta, Auth0, and Azure*
  • Blazing-fast precision targeted restores of users, groups, applications, or settings

Continuous Backup

  • Automated and continuous backups scheduled with ease through intuitive user interface
  • The power of last-known good configurations at all times

Flexible Identity Migration

  • Automates IAM configuration migration between IdP tenants and sandbox seeding
  • Intuitive interface streamlines change management for error-free implementation

Identity Portability

  • Ports complex Identity objects across Okta, Auth0, and Azure*
  • Reduces vendor lock-in with customized multi-cloud, multi-tenant strategies
  • Simplified transitions to another IdP

Failover to a Different IdP

  • Supports standby multi-vendor strategies for disaster recovery planning or emergency switch in case of a catastrophic event

Enables Improved RTO and RPO

  • Optimized backup and recovery for fast job completion
  • Incremental backup and partial recovery allow very fast RTO/RPO configurations
  • Improved RTO/RPO for the disaster scenario of having to switch IdPs

Supports Regional Compliance Requirements

  • Application and data hosting options in US, EU, Canada, and others
  • Dedicated service option for full isolation
*Azure coming June 2023

The Mightiest Platformempowering your peace of mind

Unparalleled Identity Resilience

  • MightyID's backup and recovery features allow you to bounce back swiftly and fully from cyber attacks or disasters, protecting your user identities.

Protect Your SSO Identities

  • MightyID empowers  you to get the most out of your user provisioning and single sign-on (SSO).
  • You’ve streamlined access privileges by ditching the long list of unique usernames and passwords with secure access through password management and multi factor authentication (MFA), keeping your login credentials safe. MightyID protects your investment.

Extreme Flexibility

  • Enables your identity strategy to be tailor-made to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Facilitates and streamlines managing access with IAM data management across multi-vendor, multi-tenant, and multi-cloud architectures, giving you freedom to select the best solutions for your requirements.
  • Currently supports leading IdPs—Okta, Auth0, and Azure*, with more coming.

Efficient Design

  • Optimizes transfer of IAM data between tenants, IdPs, and the MightyID cloud by reducing large volume backup time from days to minutes.
  • Reduces impact on users by limiting use of your IdP’s API.
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*Azure coming June 2023
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Rapid Backup & Restore for Maximum Efficiency

As errors and bugs are inevitable in daily operations, it's crucial to have efficient backups to mitigate their impact and a reliable test environment to prevent them.

Tested user performance
or less for full backups (1.5M users)
For incremental backups*
For rapid restorations
*Results may vary with changes.

The Mightiest Path to Compliance

accelerate your Compliance

You Control Your Access

Only USA support and DevOps staff can access your data when you allow it.

ISO 27001 Certification

Comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities to meet SOC and ISO 27000 requirements.

Data Regionalization

Comply with data privacy regulations by keeping your data in your region. Multiple regions, including dedicated infrastructure options, available.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Option for dedicated application and data infrastructure for maximum compliance.