Protect Your Access to Critical Applications

Bad actors have their eyes on your IAM system. Learn how MightyID keeps your business running in the event of a breach.

An IAM Platform That Levels Up Your Defenses

When your IdP fails, MightyID recovers what you need most so you can get back to business faster.

Protect Your Users & Business

Experience unparalleled identity resilience in a world where attempted breaches happen every day.

Keep Operations Going As Usual

MightyID thwarts threats for seamless business continuity. That means more time and energy focused on doing what you do best.

Recover Your Data Fast

As the saying goes, time is money. Experience full and compliant backup solutions as soon as within the day.

IAM Resilience Starts Here

Jason Lish
“IAM resilience is becoming a bigger topic of concern among executives and Board of Directors. As cyber attackers seem to be focusing on IAM environments as a single point of failure, the Board is asking for a backup plan, and accountability.”
Jason Lish
Global CISO, Cisco
MightyID Board Member
Vishal Amin
“A thorough examination of cyber resilience needs to include contingency plans. MightyID is the solution to a previously unsolved problem: how do you keep business online when typical backups fail?”
Vishal Amin
General Manager, Microsoft Security
MightyID Board Member
Stuart McClure
“MightyID stands as a linchpin in the cybersecurity domain, offering a failsafe IAM resilience platform that uniquely addresses the intricate challenges of identity management."
Stuart McClure
CEO, Qwiet AI
MightyID Board Member

Your Business Counts on a
Secure IAM Environment

Most companies are totally unprepared for a disruption in their IAM platform. In fact, the majority of IdP customers are unaware that backups are their responsibility, not the IdP. This leave businesses unknowingly vulnerable to outages. And when a breach or error hits, you don’t have hours or days to get business back to normal operations.

By the Numbers

MightyID is trusted by brands to keep operations running smoothly when business can't wait.
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MightyID means true identity security.

Keep business moving without missing a beat.

Quick Recovery

Blazing-fast, precision targeted restoration of the data sets critical to your operation, allowing you true business continuity. Whether malicious or mistake, a hit to  your identity data doesn’t have to grind business to a halt.

Flexible Failover

If all else fails, MightyID can port complex identity objects across multiple tenants or instances, or even to an entirely different Identity Provider (IdP).


Advanced forensics capabilities to identify suspicious accounts in your IAM system and quickly revert unwanted changes, before they become a bigger problem.

Getting Started with MightyID

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