Failsafe identity security when it matters most.

Ensure your IAM environment is ready for anything. MightyID means cybersecurity for your IAM, supporting business continuity and disaster recovery when failure is not an option.

Your Enterprise Counts on a
Secure IAM Environment

Most businesses are totally unprepared for a disruption in their IAM platform. In fact, the majority of IdP customers are unaware that backups are their responsibility, not the IdP. This leave businesses unknowingly vulnerable to outages. And when a breach or error hits, you don’t have hours or days to get business back to normal operations.

MightyID means true identity security.

Keep business moving without missing a beat.

Quick Recovery

Blazing-fast, precision targeted restoration of the data sets critical to your operation, allowing you true business continuity. Whether malicious or mistake, a hit to  your identity data doesn’t have to grind business to a halt.

Flexible Failover

If all else fails, MightyID can port complex identity objects across multiple tenants or instances, or even to an entirely different Identity Provider (IdP).

Compliance First

Comprehensive backup tenant and recovery capabilities support SOC2, ISO 27000, and HIPAA compliance. Plus, regional service maps address regional compliance requirements.

When does identity security matter most?

Getting Started with MightyID

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