MightyID Recovery

Ensure your IAM environment is ready for anything. MightyID means true identity resilience, supporting business continuity and disaster recovery when failure is not an option.

Powerful Backup, Restore and Migration Capabilities

MightyID Recovery provides powerful backup and restore capabilities that streamline and automate the process of backing up very large workforce and CIAM identity data sets with multiple entitlements and group associations. Back up tenant data (e.g., Production tenant) from your IdP to the MightyID cloud. Restore tenant data from the MightyID cloud to your IdP (e.g., Disaster Recovery scenario).

Supports leading IDPs

Okta, Auth0, and Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure) are currently supported.

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Precision-Targeted Restores

Precision-targeted restores are a snap using MightyID Recovery’s flexible restore capabilities. We make it simple to restore IAM data for one or more users, groups, applications, or settings, allowing you to restore what you need with object-level precision.

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Blazing Speed

MightyID’s advanced optimization technology lets you back up or restore very large IAM data sets in minutes.

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Automated and Continuous Backups

Easily schedule automated and continuous backups to ensure you have the latest known-good configuration at all times.

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Flexible IAM Data Migration

MightyID's migration capabilities enable robust and flexible IAM data migration. Effortlessly migrate known-good IAM configurations between staging and production tenants within the same IdP.  Easily seed sandbox environments and migrate to test or regional tenants.

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a screenshot displaying the MightyID interface

Intuitive User Interface

MightyID’s user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to define and execute automated backup, restore and migration functions.