Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

Bad Actors understand that your IAM environment, when taken over, can be a single point of failure. But with the right resiliency strategy in place, you can keep your business running in the event of a disaster.

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Turn Back the Clock on Sleeper Attacks

Bad Actors can spend months in your IAM environment before executing on a large-scale attack. Identify suspicious activity and roll back unwanted changes with the Change360 feature from MightyID.

What Level of Risk Can You Handle?

Backup & Recovery

Ensure you have functional, working backups by testing your IAM restore functionality. If you haven't tested your backup, they may not work in the case o an emergency. Test your IAM backups easily with MightyID.

IdP Switch

If you are unhappy with your Identity Provider (IdP), or if you are concerned about security risks, you may want to consider an alternate provider. Migrate t a new provider with minimal business disruption with MightyID.

IAM Failover

More and more companies are maintaining two separate IAM tenants, sometimes with distinct identity providers (IdPs). If your IAM tenant becomes unavailable, you may failover to your backup provider for shorter recovery time. You guessed it - MightyID can help with your failover implementation.  

What Level of Backups Does Your IdP Provide?

MightyID adds a layer of IAM resilience by supplementing the usually insufficient backups provided by Identity Providers. Download our Guide to see what you can expect from your Identity Provider.
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Continuous Backups

Easily schedule automated and continuous backups to ensure you have the latest known-good configuraton at all times.

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Support Disaster Recovery

Regardless of your business continuity plan, ensure to account for disaster recovery for your IAM environment. MightyID allows you to test backups and even maintain separate IAM tenants in case of emergency.  

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Improve RTO and RPO

Utilize MightyID Failover to improve RTO and RPO by helping complete the extensive work required to execute a failover, including identity mapping. Minimize potential downtime by being planning ahead.