Mergers & Acquisitions

Consolidate IAM environments for smoother M&A integrations and a more secure platform.

Migration Made Easy

MightyID makes it possible to consolidate multiple IAM tenants from within the same IdP, or two different IdPs.
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Simplify IAM Management

Manual IAM consolidation can take weeks or month depending on size and complexity. Speed the process to cut down excessive manual labor and time-consuming processes.

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Stay Secure Throughout Integration

Fewer IAM systems mean tighter control over your security protocols. Choose the right Identity Provider for your needs and consolidate onto a singe manageable system with ease.

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Benefit From Vendor Consolidation

Faster integration means greater benefits of vendor consolidation, such as better negotiation position and decreased budgets.  

Jason Lish, Global CISO of Cisco

Simplified IAM Consolidation

"MightyID’s ability to smooth the IAM migration process makes it possible to choose the IdP platform that makes the most sense for your business.”
- Jason Lish, Global CISO, Cisco