MightyID Now Available on Microsoft Marketplace

June 11, 2024 - MightyID, offering support to Microsoft Entra enterprises, is now available in the Microsoft Marketplace.

June 11, 2024

MightyID is now available in the Microsoft Marketplace. As a supporting solution to Microsoft Entra (formerly Microsoft Azure AD), MightyID is easily accessible to Microsoft customers through the Microsoft-owned web store.

MightyID offers highly sought-after resiliency solutions to support Microsoft Entra customers. MightyID integrates with Microsoft Entra IAM environments, giving companies the ability to backup and restore their IAM data and associations with flexible granularity.

More importantly, MightyID is the only solution that offers IAM migration to and from Microsoft Entra tenants. This solution is used in several ways:

1.       Many customers use MightyID to transition from other Identity Providers (IdPs), such as Okta, onto the Microsoft Entra platform.

2.       Other customers use MightyID’s migration functionality to consolidate multiple Microsoft Entra tenants onto a single tenant; such as in a Merger or Acquisition situation.

3.       Finally, customers often use the migration function to port identities between a production and live tenant.


For more information about MightyID’s offerings to Microsoft Entra customers, please see our Microsoft Marketplace listing.