When the Script Takes a Turn: Recovering from Business-Halting Mistakes

Unplanned downtime from IAM errors can mean major disruption to business operations. MightyID is the solution offering backup and restore capabilities for IAM data.

In the fast-paced world of technology, where every keystroke can have far-reaching consequences, unplanned downtime due to operator errors or developer bugs is an ever-present challenge for businesses. Unfortunately, not only is this the case for IAM (Identity and Access Management) systems, but those errors can mean a major disruption in business operations.

Especially when automated scripts are involved, a single typo can mean a major error in your IAM database. One common scenario is a developer inadvertently pushing an IAM data change into production, resulting in the unintended deletion of crucial fields for all users.  

Some IAM horror stories we’ve come across:  

  • The accidental deletion of 10,000 records
  • Deletion of departmental associations for an entire employee database
  • Botched migration attempt cost days of manual labor to revert  

The aftermath of such incidents often leaves clients struggling to retrieve the erroneously-deleted data. For many, the only solution is hours or even days worth of manual labor to get everyone back online. Of course, such situations emphasize the need for efficient and precise recovery solutions.

Shouldn’t There Be an Answer?

A significant concern echoed by many customers revolves around the difficulties associated with recovering from unintended changes. Existing backup and recovery options offered by IdPs, while available, often come with limitations. Bulk export/import procedures and reliance on cumbersome APIs can be time-consuming and impractical, especially when trying to execute targeted restores for specific users, groups, applications, or settings.

Granular and Targeted, When Speed is Essential

Enter MightyID, a game-changing product designed to address these challenges head-on. MightyID was created specifically to address the gap in today’s solutions. MightyID offers targeted restore capabilities, allowing users to perform laser-focused recovery of one or more entities with object-level precision. Whether it's a single user, a group, an application, or specific settings, MightyID simplifies the restoration process through its intuitive user interface, eliminating the need for complex APIs.

Precision is the key here, as MightyID enables users to recover only what is needed, avoiding the time-consuming and resource-intensive task of a full system restore. This targeted restore capability proves invaluable not only in scenarios involving operator errors or developer bugs but also in the aftermath of a malware attack where precise restoration of IAM data is crucial.

Key Features:

MightyID supports leading Identity Providers (IdPs), offering backup and restore capabilities for IAM data hosted on platforms such as Okta WIC, Okta CIC, and Microsoft EntraID (formerly AzureAD). Its robust capabilities extend to handling very large datasets, with millions of users, multiple entitlements, and complex group associations.

For instance, a three-day backup that might typically take hours with traditional methods can be accomplished in a mere five minutes using MightyID. This speed and efficiency ensure minimal disruption to operations and guarantee that businesses always have access to the latest known-good configuration.

Additionally, MightyID allows users to schedule backups, providing the flexibility of on-demand or automated, regular backups. This proactive approach ensures that organizations are well-prepared to handle any unforeseen issues and can promptly revert to a reliable state without compromising on efficiency.


In the dynamic landscape of IT operations, where changes are constant and often unpredictable, having a robust recovery solution is paramount. MightyID stands out as a beacon of efficiency, offering targeted restores with unprecedented precision and speed. By simplifying the recovery process and supporting leading IdPs, MightyID empowers businesses to navigate the challenges of unplanned downtime and data loss with confidence, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding critical IAM data.