When Identity Resilience Isn't Enough: Cyberattacks, True Resilience, and MightyID's Failsafe Solution

Identity and access management (IAM) professionals actively seek solutions to swiftly recover and maintain operational continuity in the face of disruptions in their IAM environments.

In today's digital landscape, the security of identity data has become a critical concern for individuals and organizations alike. Cyber attacks targeting identity information have become increasingly sophisticated, leading to detrimental consequences such as data breaches, financial fraud, and reputational damage. As a result, professionals in the identity and access management (IAM) field are continually looking to solutions that allow them to recover quickly and keep business running in the event of a disruption in their IAM environments.

Understanding the Impact of Cyberattacks on Business

Generally, the business impacts of cyberattacks are well-documented. IBM estimates the average cost of a breach to be $9.4 million in the U.S. Moreover, the average lifecycle to detect and contain a breach is 275 days.  

Because identity data is so valuable, IAM professionals are in an underappreciated position and can be heavily impacted in the event of a breach.

Errors as Costly as an Attack

As many IAM professionals understand, a disruption in service isn’t always caused by a breach. In fact, a seemingly innocent error can cause a data loss that can take hours – or sometimes days – to recover to status quo. Even a partial disruption in service can cause a serious business disruption and lead to lost revenue.

Identity Resilience: A Hot Topic in IAM

If you’ve attended any recent industry conference, read an article, or sat in on a webinar, chances are you’ve heard a lot about Identity Resilience. But what is Identity Resilience, really?

Identity Resilience is the ability of an IAM system to anticipate, withstand, and recover from cyberattacks, ensuring the continuity of operations and the protection of identity data. This concept encompasses not only preventive measures but also the ability to detect, respond to, and recover from attacks swiftly and effectively.

Identity Resilience has emerged as a market trend within the IAM landscape, reflecting the growing demand for robust and comprehensive solutions that protect identity data from cyber threats. IAM professionals recognize the need for proactive measures that go beyond traditional security practices to ensure the resilience of their systems in the face of ever-evolving cyberthreats.

MightyID: The Failsafe Solution for Ultimate IAM Resilience

In the pursuit of true Identity Resilience, IAM professionals are turning to MightyID as a unique provider of a failsafe IAM Resiliency solution. MightyID sets itself apart by offering an unparalleled level of backup and recovery capabilities, plus IdP-to-IdP portability, making it the ultimate choice for organizations that cannot afford any compromises in their IAM systems.

But what is a “Failsafe Solution?”

The MightyID mantra is to move beyond Resilience to true Failsafe support. This means an all-encompassing approach to Identity Resilience, leaving no room for failure, whether caused by innocent mistakes or malicious intent. MightyID's failsafe solution ensures continuous protection, detection, response, and recovery in the event of any IAM disruption.

MightyID ensures Identity Resilience through unique capabilities and failsafe measures:

1.     Rapid Recovery: Granular backup and restore capabilities mean a more flexible system, with targeted efforts when needed. Getting back to business is significantly more efficient when you can get this laser-focused.

2.     IdP Failover and Portability: When failure is not an option, IdP failover capabilities can help ensure business continuity in the event of a worst-case-scenario. Keep identity data safe by transferring between tenants or IdPs when required.

3.     Accelerated Compliance: When SOC2, ISO 27000and HIPAA require a secure backup plan, MightyID accelerates compliance through its comprehensive backup tenant and recovery capabilities. MightyID also allows for regional service maps and dedicated infrastructure where required.

As cyberattacks targeting identity data continue to evolve and pose significant threats to organizations, the concept of Identity Resilience has emerged as a critical market trend within the IAM field. In this landscape, MightyID stands out as the ultimate IAM resilience solution, offering failsafe protection against any IAM failure, be it accidental or intentional. By embracing MightyID's comprehensive features and capabilities, IAM professionals can fortify their systems and ensure the resilience of identity data in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats.