MightyID Recovery—Backup, Restore and Migrate to Manage and Protect Your IAM Data

Explore how MightyID Recovery’s backup, restore and migrate capabilities can form the cornerstone of your IAM resilience strategy.

MightyID Recovery—Backup, Restore and Migrate to Manage and Protect Your IAM Data

Protecting and managing identity supply chains in the cloud is mission-critical for today’s security infrastructure. As applications have moved to the cloud, Identity Providers (IdPs) have become essential, while simultaneously posing a single point of failure for on-demand cloud applications and an attractive target for attackers.

The complexity of managing large volumes of workforce and Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) data entitlements across multi-vendor, multi-tenant, and multi-cloud environments is overwhelming. Organizations attempting to build resilience across their digital supply chain soon find the complexity of managing identity stores and all their user entitlements to be a limiting factor in any multi-vendor strategy.

The good news is that MightyID offers powerful, flexible, and comprehensive capabilities to help you address the significant challenges of protecting and managing your Identity Access Management (IAM) data in the cloud.

MightyID is an enterprise solution for identity backup and migration, failover, and portability across multi-vendor and multi-cloud deployments. Its capabilities include:

  • MightyID Recovery—Backup and restore large IAM data sets. Migrate configurations between staging, production, and other tenants.
  • MightyID Port—Port complex identity objects across multiple Identity Providers (IdPs).
  • MightyID Failover—Execute emergency failover and recovery across multiple IdPs.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on the features and benefits of MightyID Recovery.

Backup and Restore Features  

MightyID Recovery provides powerful features that enable you to efficiently and effectively back up IAM data from production or other tenants on your IdP to the MightyID cloud. It also provides you the flexibility to quickly restore specific objects or all of your IAM data when needed.

Below is a summary of the MightyID backup and restore processing flow and features:

  • Powerful Backup and Restore Capabilities—Quickly backup and restore very large workforce and CIAM identity data sets with multiple entitlements and group associations.
  • Continuous Backups—Define and execute on-demand or periodic scheduled backups to ensure you always have the latest known-good configuration.
  • Supports leading IdPs—Backup and restore IAM data hosted on Okta, Auth0, or Microsoft Azure SSO1.
  • Precision-Targeted Restores—Perform laser-focused restores of one or more users, groups, applications, or settings, allowing you to restore what you need with object-level precision.
  • Intuitive User Interface—Define and execute automated backup and restore functions with ease using MightyID’s intuitive user interface.

Migration Features

MightyID Recovery also enables robust and flexible IAM data migration. Below is a summary of the MightyID migration processing flow and features:

  • Flexible IAM Data Migration— Perform automatic migration of known-good IAM configurations between staging and production tenants within the same IdP.
  • Flexible Sandbox Seeding—Effortlessly seed sandbox environments or migrate IAM data to test or regional tenants.
  • Streamlined, Error-Free Change Management—Use MightyID’s powerful and intuitive user interface to streamline and simplify your change management process, ensuring changes are implemented quickly and without errors.

MightyID Recovery Benefits

MightyID’s Recovery’s comprehensive suite of features offers many benefits, including:

Unparalleled Identity Resilience

  • MightyID’s enterprise-class solution offers a powerful, flexible, and comprehensive IAM resilience tool that significantly alleviates the challenges of managing large workforce and CIAM identities across multi-vendor and multi-cloud deployments.

Extreme Flexibility

  • Facilitates and streamlines IAM data management across multi-vendor, multi-tenant, and multi-cloud architectures, giving you freedom to select the best solutions for your requirements.
  • Supports Leading IdPs Okta, Auth0, and Microsoft Azure SSO2.

Efficient Design

  • Optimizes transfer of IAM data between tenants, IdPs, and the MightyID cloud by reducing large volume backup time from weeks to hours.
  • Reduces impact on users by capping the tenant’s use of the IdP’s API.

Accelerated Compliance

  • Allows for setup and management of separate tenants for specific regions/users to address security and data privacy compliance requirements.
  • Accelerates path to compliance by offering comprehensive backup tenant and recovery capabilities that meet SOC and ISO 27000 requirements.

Miles Ahead of the Competition

MightyID is a leader in the identity resilience space and the first to offer Auth0 backup, support for multiple IdPs, and Identity portability solutions. MightyID’s high-performance data transfer engine offers unparalleled speed for IAM data backups, restores, migrations, portability, and other identity resilience functions.

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1 Coming June 2023
2 Coming June 2023