MightyID and Azure: A Resilient Combination

Ensure your identity data is safely portable between IAM tenants and identity providers.

With a commitment to innovation in identity resilience, MightyID now offers port and failover solutions for Microsoft Azure AD, soon to be known as Entra ID. Yes, even while Azure AD transitions its brand name, MightyID will provide the same valuable support to ensure your identity data is safely portable – between IAM tenants/directories or even identity providers (IdPs) –to keep your business running smoothly in the event of an incident.

MightyID continues to cover more IdPs than any other identity resilience platform; Azure AD (or Entra ID) is an extension of this promise. This comes with our commitment to prioritize business continuity through a better approach to IAM backup and restore, port, and failover solutions.

What does this mean for you?

Transitioning between IdPs or migrating between IAM tenants isconsidered a prohibitively manual and time-intensive process. Now, whether youare looking to switch IdPs, consolidate Azure AD tenants, or simply looking fora fail-safe backup solution; MightyID makes the process possible.

Granular Backup and Restore Means Speed and Efficiency

At its core, MightyID empowers organizations to fortify complex IAM environments when failure is not an option. Created by experts within-depth IdP implementation and management expertise, MightyID helps ensure technology and identity managers that business can run smoothly, even when unexpected issues arise.

Whether caused by an internal error or by a malicious attack, a disruption in service for an organization’s IdP can mean days of downtime, leading to significant loss in productivity and revenue. For many Azure AD customers, a full system restore is the only option, which can cause business-halting complications for particularly complex enterprise systems. In these cases, a surgical approach to backup and restore can reduce manual efforts and get you back to business faster.

MightyID's integration with Microsoft Azure AD signifies a significant breakthrough for Azure AD customers. Companies utilizing Azure AD can now benefit from MightyID’s fail-safe solution:

  • Frequent backups: MightyID performs regular backups of your Azure AD tenant, ensuring that you always have an up-to-date copy of your critical data.
  • Rapid recovery: In case of unexpected outages or disasters, MightyID enables restoration of your tenant or specific objects as needed - minimizing downtime and potential loss in productivity.
  • IdP failover: In case of emergency, MightyID can help port your data to a separate tenant, or an entirely new IdP as needed.


When Resilience Matters Most

MightyID's integration with Microsoft Azure AD, a.k.a. Entra ID, is a significant leap forward in the realm of identity and access management. By combining MightyID's robust features with Microsoft’s powerful capabilities, organizations can be confident that their identity data is sufficiently backed up and supported in case of emergencies.

For Azure customers looking to ensure identity resilience, MightyID is the only option for a truly fail-safe solution. Contact sales@mightyid.com to discuss a freetrial.