Identity Resilience: The Missing Piece to Securing Your Identities

Chris Steinke, COO, speaks with industry experts on the importance of disaster recovery planning in achieving IAM resilience.

Most conversations around Identity Resilience focus on the prevention of attacks. But as statistics increasingly show that a major breach is a matter of “when”, not “if”, CISOs are realizing that their Identity Resilience strategy is missing a critical piece: response.

In this conversation, we’ll explore Identity Resilience from the lens of Business Continuity:

  • What is Identity Resilience and why is it trending with CISOs?
  • How to build a strong partnership between risk teams and security teams.
  • Myths vs. realities of Disaster Preparedness for IAM environments.
  • Why most IAM backup plans are woefully inadequate.
  • Why regulators and insurers are starting to pay attention.